CDEP2 (remastered)

by Illuminati

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Vital Weekly:
Four brand new tracks recorded earlier this year from the solo
electronics project of Dave Clarkson, who runs the Planetsounds
label. This 25 minute disc opens with 'Midget Germs', a sinister mesh
of respiratory sonic malevolence, ebbing and flowing in shadowing
cycles: a very captivating prelude and, in my view, worth the
admission price of this disc alone. 'Argenteum Atavism' breaks the
spell somewhat with noisier, machine jitterings, before breaking into
gorgeous staccato glitchfabric sounds - a track which effectively
conveys the Illuminati trademark sound - a reclusive, worrying
electronica with the kind of occultation of meaning not evidenced
since early Scatology-era Coil. 'Glass Box Trap' is a similar
showcase for Illuminati's desire to entwine melodic elements and a
sharper layer of abstraction; and it works to good effect. To close
the disc, 'The Strange Door' opens, if you catch my drift, revealing
over nine minutes of moody, mooncontrolled soundscaping, near ambient in places, bringing proceedings to a fitting but very paranoid
ending. Another winner from this small UK label, quietly pushing its
wares into the beyond. (BL)

Brainwashed on-line:
You'd be hard pushed to realise that samples from classical music form the core of the second Illuminati EP, as they've mostly been utterly distorted and pulverised beyond recognition. A middle aged electrician commented that this reminded him of Soft Machine which is odd because Dave Clarkson of Illuminati and Planetsounds is a big fan of theirs, but I'd never have thought it was something that sounded similar. When I mentioned the comparison to Dave he asked if it was the third track, "Glass Box Trap" which chucks a melodic keyboard jitter over thrumming double drone backbone, and a nasal voice muttering disgruntled and nebulous. If I was going to fling comparisons at Illuminati though I'd have to mention Throbbing Gristle, particularly "DOA," but I think I did that with the first EP. This one has the same picture on the cover, but inverted to negative and in some ways this a darker and more menacing trip. A deep singular pulse beat opens the strange door onto a microscope resolution for "Midget Germs" which vibrate ominously in hell spawned misery. Feedback screams and muffled moans punctuate this tortured cancerous eyeball injection. The poor germs don't stand a chance when "Argenteum Atavism" squirts beatnoise bleach all over them. Crunching along in hectic overloaded abandon, this is what it might sound like if Aphex Twin tried to put one over on Non. Just as the melody creeps in one final crash collapses into semi-ambient bleepscape gurgling. The fourth and final track swings "The Strange Door" shut and desperate knocking can be heard from outside as the germs shut outside slowly fizzle to their demise, and a new dawn of lush angelic keyboard bursts across the blackened sky. Distant thunder rumbles.

Ambient Music on-line:
The previous ep was good, but this is far superior. More accomplished, a better all-round sound and the consistency is superb. The ep starts with Midget Germs, this kicks off with a heartbeat, and gradually builds into a melange of imaginative and well suited soundscapes. We've all seen those clips of bacteria and germs multiplying under the microscope? Well, this is the aural equivalent. Argentium Atavism is straight into head territory with the sounds of a spinning pulsar and electronic screams from dying black matter. Eventually the piece transforms into a subliminal reworking of Edgar Froese' Aqua, only this is recorded using heavy water. Glass Box is a beautiful ambient piece with looped undercurrents whilst a distant and distorted voice calls from a phone that's not been connected for decades. The Strange Door is a really scary piece to begin with as a knocking sound is processed and reprocessed, wrapped and warped into strange angles and dimensions. About half way through it's as though the door has been opened onto lush, verdant landscapes, but as your confidence begins to build, you realise you've brought something through with you. Hellish landscapes weave in and out of alien colours as you rest on a beach of black sand - and something's still knocking at the other side of the door! No, it's not a novel, but it's the closest you'll get to one without actually reading! (dW)

Aquarius Records on-line:
Installment number two from this mysterious UK electronic outfit, who as we have stated before is part of the underground electronic scene that no one seems to be taking notice of. EP2 takes up where EP1 left off, pulsing buzzing hiss over squealing instruments and distant melodies, pounding video game big beats over buzzes and bleeps and blips, creepy rumbly ambience, spacey drones and hypnotic pulses, and a super spare 10 minute final track of minimal blips and clicks, pulses and whirrs that are occasionally overtaken by insectoid buzz and gorgeous minor key synth washes.



released February 3, 2002




cavendish house Manchester, UK

Cavendish House is home to music involving Dave Clarkson - either solo, in collaborations or in bands.

Since the 80s, Clarkson has recorded solo experimental/ electronic music under the names CPU, Illuminati and his own name. He also played drums in White Cube and co-formed the electronic improv group Triclops as well as the duo Psychic Frequencies.
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