CDEP1 (remastered)

by Illuminati

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Remastered 2014.
Originally performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Clarkson at Orange Laboratory, January to June 2001.
Originally released as a limited edition CDr on the Planetsounds record label, 2001.


released July 1, 2001



Vital Weekly:
First release proper from a project who, for me, had one of the standout entries on this label's recent Laboratory Sounds Volume 1 compilation CD. 'Constantinople' opens proceedings with nine minutes of striking, glassy-eyed electronics, not exactly glitching and not terribly minimalistic either, but as far from the noise domain as can be. 'Winter Fire' is more traditional synthesized fare but with troubling synthetic loops decorating the surface of the water. 'Hertzlow' interrupts with 40 seconds of digital noise-buffoonery. But it's soon a memory. Argenteum Astrum' is more like it again: mantric looping and manic laughter, which evolves into tubular bell-like chiming and creepy digital processing. Finally, 'Seaghost of Snape Island' continues the unease with more shifting, coruscating electronics, backed by an undercurrent of eerie synth washes - quite spellbinding and over too quickly. This is an excellent, well-defined release of soundworks from Illuminati highlighting the other side of this vast new electronics scene, where invention and uniqueness are not necessarily unknown quantities. (BL)

Aquarius Records on-line:
More fringe electronica from the UK. Seems to be quite a healthy electronic music scene over there. How come we only hear from Scanner and Spooky and Pita and Fennesz ad infinitum when there's so much more to draw from? Guess these guys aren't quite cool enough for the Wire or Ars Electronica. Hardly matters. This stuff is so good it's only a matter of time before Mego has to actually work to put out good records instead of just recycling the same crap over and over. From sputtering, spasming electronic free for alls to earpiercing and ribcage rattling rumbles and squeals to brutal headphone-shredding digital skree to overloading-sampler-malfunction rhythmic crunch, this stuff is fierce and intense and right on. My favorite track though is the oddball track two, a dreamy wash of moody reverbed guitars and skittering hard-panned squelches and squiggles, sounding a bit like Boards Of Canada on horse tranquilizers. Nice.

Ambient Music on-line:
It was a couple of issues back that I received Planetsounds first album which consisted of many artists stretching their electronically experimental legs, so I was well prepared for the aural onslaught when this ep arrived. The ep's well balanced, kicking off with a truly experimental Constantinople, which features washes of sfx. Winter Fire, on the other hand is a magnificent ambient piece which wouldn't be out of place on an album by Eno, or Zazou - incredibly simple yet beautifully evocative. Track 3, Hertzlow sounds like your speakers have a virus and are doing their best to shake it off. The track benefits from being around forty seconds, because too much of this would spoil that initial blast zone. Argenteum, track 4, is, again, at almost opposite ends of the experimental spectrum. The relative order of the track suddenly breaks down around one and a half minutes, coughs and splutters, then reassumes itself. This method is used a few times, but each time something new, or more audible appears. It's like an electronic crystal growing in cycles. Seaghost Of Snape Island is, again, full of sfx but there's the odd undercurrent of a superb ambient piece, that annoyingly disappears too often. On the whole a remarkable collection of aural experiences that, at turns, startle and pacify. Check out their website for more details about this little beaut. (Dw)





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